Headquarter Saet

Salvazzano Dentro (PD), Italy

marazzi headquarter saet 000.jpg


Virgilio Crema

Marcello Melani

Michele De Lucchi

Studio Conca

The aim of the new complex was to bring all of the company’s activities under one roof. The company develops solutions for industrial automation and has a large, rectangular production unit, enclosed by a slightly rounded building on two sides housing the offices and engineering department. The most important aspect in terms of its architecture is the ventilated wall covering two faces, designed to provide insulation against noise and heat and also to give the main office block its own identity by using the company colours. Marazzi Engineering supplied the ventilated façade as a “turnkey” solution with Marazzi fine porcelain stoneware tiles, working in close synergy with the customer and the designer to solve details relating to the door frames and the corners of the building, as the overall design demanded a clean construction and looks. A second issue that required special effort both at the planning and executive stages was the flooring for the outdoor areas and the external staircase used to access the offices. The perfect combination of performance and looks was achieved using Marazzi porcelain stoneware tiles with precision cutting of the edges. The job also included the floor and wall tiles in the basement and the administration department using Marazzi porcelain stoneware products.

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