La Zecca

Correggio (RE), Italy

marazzi la zecca 000.jpg

La Zecca – Coniamo piaceri is a wine bar and cellar recently opened in the historic centre of Correggio, in the province of Reggio Emilia, in a building once occupied by a workshop that produced coins.

The three young owners commissioned the project to architect Francesco Masoni, who enhanced the original interiors and dark wood beamed ceiling by furnishing the restaurant with an industrial, yet sophisticated style.

The material inspirations are concrete and metal, softened by a warm, more rustic wood look used for the furnishings and accentuated by white, minimalist walls.

The Powder concrete-effect porcelain stoneware collection and the range of 6-mm The Top maxi-slabs furnish and lend character to the wine shop with high-performance, aesthetically trendy surfaces.

Two key characteristics of porcelain stoneware stand out in the choice of coverings: its extraordinary durability, which makes it ideal for floors in areas subject to frequent foot traffic, and its stylistic and design versatility, making it the perfect material for bar counter tops.

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