Suite 735

Venice (VE), Italy

marazzi suite 735 000.jpg


Stefania Scardellato

Federica Pappalardo

Suite 735 is a luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Venice that was designed by architect Stefania Scardellato. The project is based on the customer’s desire to revive an old property, going beyond the classic Venice aesthetic to create a refined and contemporary atmosphere through a careful combination of materials. Natural wood, ceramic tiles, stoneware, wallpaper with floral motifs or material textures, precious mirrors and furnishings inspired by the 1930s and 50s, created by local craftsmen, are cleverly intertwined in a particularly successful eclectic mix with the aim of offering a personal experience of Venice. In the breakfast rooms facing the canal the use of the Marazzi Allmarble marble-effect porcelain stoneware collection in the Decoro 60x60 cm version, which combines black and white in Art Deco lines in the same module, has permitted new compositional freedom while at the same time maintaining the typically sophisticated and elegant qualities of the fine materials that inspire it. In the bathrooms the black and white contrast, again inspired by Art Deco, can be seen between the walls entirely covered in Allmarble Statuario and the Allmarble Saint Laurent floor. In the external area of the hotel, in direct contact with the canal, the Treverkway wood-effect stoneware collection in the Castagno shade has been chosen for the floor, faithfully reproducing the variable vein patterns and beauty of wooden boards in little 15x90 cm planks. The outdoor version, slightly structured on the surface, makes Treverkway a perfect and versatile product for the cladding of external commercial and residential spaces.

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