Wilhelms Deli & Wein

Sylt, Germany

marazzi wilhelms deli wein 000.jpg

Wilhelms Deli & Wein is a bistro and wine bar created in 2021 through the expansion and conversion of a wine cellar (Gut Wilhelmsberg) based in northern Germany.
The Studio Labs team handled the total rebranding (development of the new logo, interior design, architecture and product design) and transformed the old cellar into a modern organic winery, also creating the new bistro, on the sea front on the island of Sylt, in the North Sea.

The concept’s main inspiration is the classic brasserie style, given a more contemporary reinterpretation through the careful, refined choice of shapes, colours and materials. Wood, natural stone, steel and Venetian Terrazzo floors feature alongside the ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles with a handmade flavour of the Crogiolo Lume and Zellige collections, used with their glossy finishes to bring shine and vibrancy to the bar counter and the toilet walls, both in delicate shades of green, in the small 6x24 cm and 10x10 cm sizes.

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