Emilio Randazzo

FrontiniTerrana architects

WonderLAD is the house in Catania built to accommodate children suffering from cancer and other serious diseases, together with their families. Designed by FrontiniTerrana architects, the new facilities fully reflect the project’s aim of creating positive places that would make an important contribution to the children’s treatment.
The building is inspired by the image of a comforting embrace and the hut-like form of a house as drawn by a child; it is in a single block constructed around a health-giving green area.

The large areas of the foyers and internal corridors are styled with the hard-wearing collections SistemC Città, in the Cemento version, and Block in Beige colour, inspired by resin finishes. Colour, on the other hand, is the main factor in the private areas, using the Eclettica collection of large-size slabs, here in the Cream variant.


Ph Daniele Domenicali

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