Clays and Treverkway in a bakery in Utrera, Seville

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Marazzi tiles in Andalusia, in a project with bright, contemporary style

Andalusia is the land of decorated tiles.
Its centuries under Arab rule have left a legacy of a very strong ceramics tradition, and even today the azulejos are amongst the most popular decorative motifs: take a stroll through the capital of Andalusia, Seville, and you will come across tiles of this kind everywhere, starting from the highly decorated Plaza de España, to give just one example.

And Utrera, near Seville, is the location of one of the latest projects to select Marazzi tiles.
Auténtico Le Gurmé in Utrera is a bakery/fast food restaurant designed by Antonio Ternero, with a contemporary style that evokes the Andalusian decorative tradition, interpreted with a present-day approach.
White finishes and neutral shades, together with wooden furnishings and metal fittings, delineate a modern style with an industrial touch, typical of today’s bistros. However, the decorative details strongly reference the local tradition, from the panels suspended from the ceiling to the counter, entirely finished with decorated tiles.

For the counter, the architect chose Clays terracotta-concrete effect stoneware by Marazzi, making creative use of the hexagonal tile, in plain or decorated version, and its different shades. The same decorative motif reappears in the part of the floor next to the counter, again covered with Clays hexagonal tiles, but this time in a lighter finish.
The rest of the floor is finished with wood-effect stoneware from the Treverkway collection: the two different finishes, Rovere and Acero, create an intriguing two-colour look, with a lighter central block and the edges of the floor in a darker shade.
To conclude, the wash-room is also entirely finished with Marazzi stoneware: the wood-effect tiles climb up from the floor and onto the narrow wall, while the two larger walls repeat the hexagonal decoration motif, once more using the Clays collection.

Take a virtual tour of this Utrera bakery in our photograllery.