A restoration project in the historic centre of the Republic of San Marino

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Treverkchic by Marazzi wood-effect stoneware chosen for a building of great historic value

Every architecture professional knows how complicated it is to restore an important historic building. There are many architectural and landscape constraints and coming up with a quality project which meets all requirements is by no means easy. It is the architect's task to find the best solution that ticks all the boxes, staying within the budget and yet also conserving the building's historic features.

The case of the restoration of the Chancellery at San Marino, undertaken by Simona Faetanini of studio Archdesign, is a fine example of a successful restoration project.

A splendid building in the old town centre of San Marino, recorded in the property registry as long ago as 1773, it had stood empty for a long time and was seriously dilapidated and almost in ruins prior to the restoration. The restoration therefore gave the building a new lease of life through meticulously correct renovation that adhered strictly to the original architectural language and construction technologies.

The selection of the materials and finishes is fundamental in every restoration project: they must be appropriate to the historic context, fitting in with the surviving structures yet also providing the benefits which more modern materials can deliver.

In this project, the choice of flooring was particularly crucial: the material installed was a Treverkchic wood-effect stoneware by Marazzi, which accurately evokes the look of antique wooden floors thanks to the very latest digital decoration techniques, and ensures all the technical properties of today's stonewares: durability and easy cleaning and care.

Treverkchic is the wood-effect stoneware that interprets, the finest, rarest species of wood, with inspiration from European, American and exotic timbers. The chosen wood on this occasion was Italian walnut, evoking the walnut historically used in buildings, and with a warmth glow that looks perfect with the bare stones of the walls and the marble inserts.

Join us in exploring the old Chancellery at San Marino via our photo gallery.