Anchoring systems

AGV Visible Anchoring System

The AGV visible anchoring system was the first system offered by Marazzi. It is still very modern due to its simplicity, low cost and efficiency. The external surface is supported by stainless steel visible hooks, which can be coloured to match the chosen finish. The hooks are fixed to the stonework by brackets at set distances that take into account the size of the outer cladding modules. The AGV system can be used on flat and vertical surfaces, as well as on inclined and curved (polygonal) surfaces.

The AGS concealed anchoring system is recommended when the particular appearance of a surface requires technical constraints to be kept to a minimum. The slab is anchored to the load-bearing substructure by means of clamps, which are fixed to the back of the tile with special screw anchors. The substructure consists of vertical uprights with wall brackets and cross members riveted to the uprights. The system’s simplicity makes it possible to engineer all types of details, including corners and door and window linings.

Modul Panel is a concealed anchoring system that involves the pre-assembly of the slabs on a panel, with metal profiles and expansion anchor bolts, which is then installed on a structure consisting of vertical uprights and cross members. Pre-assembly of the modules ensures reduced installation times and lower component costs. The Modul Panel system is particularly efficient for hooking ceramic modules in the rectangular size installed horizontally.

The Modul Panel’s philosophy also inspired this system, in which rectangular slabs are vertically preassembled and applied by means of expansion anchor bolts and open horizontal profiles to a substructure identical to that of the AGS system.

Wall System 6 allows the installation of 160×320, 120×240 and 120×120 cm 6 mm-thick porcelain stoneware slabs on a ventilated wall without visible fixing elements. This innovative technology exploits the high performance of the latest-generation construction adhesives, assisted by mechanical supports. The covering’s large slabs are fixed with a structural adhesive to a substructure with vertical uprights.

Marazzi combines the lightness of the 6 mm thickness with the solidity of the 12 mm slabs. An innovative technology, perfected and customised in a new factory that only produces porcelain stoneware slabs, enabling the creation of extremely sophisticated surfaces that do not change over time and are even more resistant. The 12 mm-thick slabs are hooked to a ventilated wall through a system similar to the AGS concealed anchoring system with an anchor bolt and mounting system with uprights and stringers. The 12 mm-thick slab is reinforced with aluminium profile bars by mechanical fasteners in order to distribute the acting loads in multiple areas.

Protect Wall 20 is an innovative, highly effective system for protecting the skirting of new or existing buildings that undergo thermal upgrading through the use of a jacket. The base of buildings is one of the parts that is most exposed to shocks, weather, rising damp and degradation. The 20 mm-thick porcelain stoneware coating solves all these problems, removes the need for maintenance operations and gives the building greater value thanks to a complete range of aesthetic solutions. The anchoring of the skirting system is equivalent to that of the AGS concealed anchoring system, a guaranteed, efficient system that enhances the many advantages of ceramic slabs that are even more structurally resistant thanks to their extra thickness. The system is ideal for all buildings with any intended use.

New Ceramic Slab Anchoring System
C.A.T. 1 Slim is a mechanical anchoring system for the new generation of ventilated walls using large size slimline ceramic slabs (up to 6 mm thickness). This adjustable mechanical system offers improved performance, as well as being easier to transport thanks to its low weight. The anchoring system itself remains concealed, using longitudinal bars which install to 45° swallowtail slots milled into the slabs and are held in place by adhesive. The ceramic slabs are prepared industrially (with fibreglass safety mesh and pre-installed profile members) and transported to the site ready for mounting to the supporting frame secured to the wall. If necessary, replacing slabs is quick and easy.