Commercial Flooring Tiles

Marazzi offerings for the contract sector range from large stoneware slabs to small sizes, tough tiles suitable for installation in commercial premises requiring heavy-duty materials. View our collections.

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Marazzi Slow 004.jpg
  • Colors 6
  • Mosaics 6
  • Surfaces 2
  • Sizes 6
  • Colors 5
  • Surfaces 1
  • Sizes 3
Marazzi Vivo 007.jpg
  • Colors 4
  • Surfaces 2
  • Sizes 3
Marazzi Grande Resin Look 002 Beige Rosso 002.jpg
Grande Resin Look
Large format Porcelain Stoneware Slabs
  • Colors 18
  • Surfaces 1
  • Sizes 2

Marazzi Advice

When choosing tiles suitable for the floor covering of a commercial location, both technical requirements, such as resistance to stresses, safety and hygiene , and aesthetics should be taken into account. The flooring of a shop, bar or large commercial building must have mechanical strength and must be anti-slip, resistant to abrasion, fireproof and waterproof, as well as easy and fast to clean. Although secondary to technical requirements, visual impact is fundamental for every retail design project. The floor of a commercial location is one of the components which, together with the furnishings, the lights and all the graphic-decorative elements, creates the mood of the interior: the atmosphere, the image that it aims to evoke and to convey to visitors.

The Marazzi catalogue offers various solutions for paving commercial premises: in particular high-performance porcelain stoneware and technical porcelain stoneware, as well as ceramic tiles. Stoneware is the most suitable solution for floors subject to loads and to the passage of people, goods and vehicles. Stoneware is available in smallmedium and large sizes: the latter, in particular, speed up installation times and guarantee extremely uniform surfaces. From a creative point of view, Marazzi tiles offer numerous customization possibilities: from the wide range of sizes to the selection of available colours and the beauty of stoneware tiles that accurately imitate woodterracotta, concretestone and marble.

In addition to boasting outstanding technical characteristics, many of Marazzi’s porcelain stoneware collections are suitable for installation on raised floors to create an underfloor technical compartment. Furthermore, thanks to their extra-thick 20 mm design and high technical performance, many of the stoneware collections can be used outdoors, creating floors that extend seamlessly between indoors and outdoors.