Kitchen Tiles: Porcelain Stoneware for Walls and Floors

Marazzi offers you ceramic and porcelain stoneware wall and floor tiles to give your kitchen even more appeal. Choose your effect, colours and sizes to create a space that reflects your style.

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Marazzi Crogiolo Confetto 002.jpg
Soft touch semi-matte surface
  • Colors 12
  • Surfaces 1
  • Sizes 2
Wood Effect Porcelain Stoneware coffered motif
  • Colors 6
  • Surfaces 1
  • Sizes 2
Marazzi Naturalia 010.jpg
Stone Look Stoneware & Wall Tiles
  • Colors 5
  • Mosaics 5
  • Surfaces 3
  • Sizes 4
Indoor and outdoor wood-effect stoneware
  • Colors 5
  • Surfaces 2
  • Sizes 1
Marazzi Crogiolo Luz 002.jpg
  • Colors 10
  • Surfaces 1
  • Sizes 1
Marazzi Slow 014.jpg
  • Colors 6
  • Mosaics 6
  • Surfaces 2
  • Sizes 6

Marazzi Advice


Often the design of a new home or a renovation project begins with the kitchen: the house’s nucleus, which the other rooms and people’s lives revolve around. Whether the kitchen is a separate room from the lounge or an incorporated kitchen area, it is essential to choose ceramic or stoneware tiles suited to its floor covering and walls near the stove, sink and worktops.

In addition to being durable and anti-slip, ceramic or porcelain stoneware tiles in the kitchen must be easy to clean and resistant to moisturestains – especially from acid and greasy substances in food and dressings – and chemicals such as detergents and disinfectants.

In the kitchen, the choice of floor and wall tiles can be guided by the general idea of style that you want to give the room – and perhaps the whole house – or by the chosen furniture. You can indulge yourself by choosing shapes and dimensions: large sizes in line with the latest trends and the classic square tile, hexagon tilesmosaic and listel tiles. Additionally, several Marazzi collections feature slim tiles with reduced thickness (6 or 7 mm) to install on the existing covering: perfect for renovations, even in the kitchen.

Fans of wood will appreciate the wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles available in various Marazzi collections. They offer all the beauty of parquet or planks – the warmth of a welcoming environment – without the commitment of maintenance that real wood requires and are also suitable for furnishing both classic and modern environments.

As well as wood, stoneware substitutes, with a completely realistic appearance, various valuable natural materials such as stonemarble and metal, as well as other materials used in architecture and interior design such as concrete, terracotta, plaster and Venetian Terrazzo. While terracotta, wood and stone looks are more appropriate for a classic or rustic kitchen, cement, plaster and Terrazzo fit perfectly into a modern or minimal kitchen.