Large Format Tiles: Porcelain Stoneware solutions

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Marazzi Intrecci 001.jpg
Wood Effect Porcelain Stoneware coffered motif
  • Colors 6
  • Surfaces 1
  • Sizes 2
Marazzi Naturalia 006.jpg
Stone Look Stoneware & Wall Tiles
  • Colors 5
  • Mosaics 5
  • Surfaces 3
  • Sizes 4
Indoor and outdoor wood-effect stoneware
  • Colors 5
  • Surfaces 2
  • Sizes 1
Marazzi Slow 009.jpg
  • Colors 6
  • Mosaics 6
  • Surfaces 2
  • Sizes 6
Marazzi Slow20 001.jpg
  • Colors 4
  • Surfaces 1
  • Sizes 1
Marazzi Fabula 003.jpg
  • Colors 5
  • Surfaces 1
  • Sizes 3

Marazzi Advice

Many Marazzi collections feature an assortment of available sizes that include large and even maxi tiles. The large tiles are made of ceramic, porcelain stoneware and high-performance technical porcelain stoneware, in a practically unlimited colour range that ranges from black to whites, greys to beiges and pastel colours to bright and dark colours.

The large tiles in the Marazzi catalogue include a variety of colours, as well as surfaces with decorations and three-dimensional effects. The decors include geometric motifs, stripes, flowers and lace-effect or damask fabric patterns. Relief or engraved three-dimensional effects reproduce fabric textures, stripes, grooved waves, geometric shapes and much more.

Large tiles also exploit the beauty of natural and building materials which ceramic and, above all, porcelain stoneware perfectly imitate: woodmarblestone, metal, concrete, terracotta and Venetian Terrazzo. The tactile effect is also fully expressed in Grande, a Marazzi collection dedicated to large porcelain stoneware tiles for floor and wall coverings, featuring slabs up to 160x320 and 162x324 cm with a respective thickness of just 6 and 12 mm.

Today, large and maxi tiles for floor and wall coverings are very trendy in interior design and architecture, both for homes and for commercial and office locations. With very few joints, they create the most continuous surfaces possible, which have a striking appearance and are even easier to keep clean. They can cover the wall of a room with a single slab; personalize the bathroom and the kitchen with custom countertops, shelves, washbasins and bathtubs; and even create a “shell” around buildings with external ventilated walls