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Explore the Marazzi collections: cheerful orange floor and wall tiles enhanced by satin or gloss surfaces, which bring a special shine to the rooms of the home.

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Subway Tiles
  • Colors 9
  • Surfaces 2
  • Sizes 1
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Glossy Wall Tiles for Bathroom
  • Colors 6
  • Mosaics 2
  • Surfaces 1
  • Sizes 1
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Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles
  • Colors 7
  • Mosaics 4
  • Surfaces 1
  • Sizes 1
marazzi mellow 009.jpg
Floor Covering Ceramic Tiles
  • Colors 7
  • Surfaces 1
  • Sizes 1

Marazzi Advice

Featuring both vibrant and soft shades, orange is a warm, welcoming, joyful colour for tiles. It may appear to be a tricky colour for decorating the home, but seeing it in all its shades makes it more accommodating and easier to use. In its softer and more delicate shades, orange is similar to warmer tones of pink and yellow and recalls certain shades of brown.

The Marazzi catalogue offers a variety of orange ceramic or porcelain stoneware tiles: monochrome, decorated with flowers and geometric patterns, in the form of cement tiles or mosaic, smooth, satin or with three-dimensional textures that liven up the covered surfaces.

Orange tiles are an idea that should not be overlooked for modern-style decor and are a perfect background for a pop or vintage setting, perhaps inspired by the ‘70s. Orange tiles can cheer up a windowless bathroom and also enhance a kitchen.

The combination of orange tiles with the colours of other coverings and with furnishings can focus on light or dark shades of orange, or it can create various degrees of daring contrasts and harmonious combinations with whites, greys, black and different shades of purple and lilac, blue and light blue, green and yellow and brown and red.