SistemC Architettura - Stoneware wall coverings


Marazzi Tecnica

A collection of square tiles with a glossy finish, suitable for wall coverings, available in the 20x20, 15x15 and 10x10 cm sizes. Its broad palette, consisting of 29 sophisticated shades, supports and gives ample scope for the designer’s creativity, allowing for original backgrounds and colour combinations. It is perfectly suited for use in combination with the wall tiles from the Città, Comuni, Quartieri series and the new SistemA crystallized porcelain stoneware.

Leed Certification


  • Arch. Agata
  • Arch. Ambra
  • Arch. Ametista
  • Arch. Aqua
  • Arch. Avorio
  • Arch. Bianco
  • Arch. Blu
  • Arch. Cemento
  • Arch. Cobalto
  • Arch. Creta
  • Arch. Fumo
  • Arch. Ghiaccio
  • Arch. Giada
  • Arch. Grigio
  • Arch. Nero
  • Arch. Ocra
  • Arch. Perla
  • Arch. Pistacchio
  • Arch. Rosso
  • Arch. Sabbia
  • Arch. Tortora
  • Arch. Turchese
  • Arch. Verde


  • 10x10
  • 10x30
  • 20x20

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